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    Sonic Code!

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  • Sonic Code


    • Speed:  less than 0.2 seconds
    • Range: 10 - 30 cm (adjustable)
    • Concurrent Available Code :  about 281 trillion
    • Error Detection Rate :  99.999994%
    • Near-field wireless communication technology using speaker and microphone
    • Transfers data using encrypted, inaudible audio patterns
    • Does not require additional equipment installation

    • Supports all smartphones

  • Use Cases

    Watch our demo to learn how you can use Sonic Code

    Password-less Login

    Easily and securely login with one touch of mobile without complex ID and password.

    Online Payment

    No complicated payment process is required.

    No more plug-in installations, no more credit card information.

    Offline Payment

    The store does not need an additional payment infrastructure such as a reader, and the customer does not need the actual credit card or cash.

    P2P Remittance

    Enables easy remittance between users physically close with one another.

  • How It Works

    Watch how authentication and billing process could work using Sonic Code