• Security Technology of Infosonic


    Introducing Infosonic's powerful mobile security authentication technology

  • End User Authentication


    Authentication technology to determine if the user who is trying to access the service is a legitimate user

    Two-Channel Authentication

    Blocks personal information leakage



    Unlike ARS, the most common two-channel authentication method, which causes communication cost and user inconvenience, Sonic Code authenticates with simple methods such as fingerprints.

    Less cost. Much more convenient.

    Dual PKI

    Double PKI authentications by both

    the Infosonic and the client's server


    A PKI enables secure data exchange using a pair of public and private keys granted by a trusted authority. While existing systems perform one-time PKI authentication, Infosonic ensures stronger security with double PKI authentications via infosonic cloud and the client's server

    Transaction Signing OTP

    Increases security against hacking



    One-time password (OTP) is the most widely used time synchronization method. But it is vulnerable to the recent threats of memory hacking.

    Transaction Signing OTP is a new process that has been introduced to increase the security against such threats.

  • Local Verification


    Authentication technology to determine if the user who is trying to access the mobile is a legitimate user

    Pin + Icon

    A 4-digit pin with an icon which is relatively more convenient than a password consisting of numbers, letters, and special symbols.


    Fingerprint scanning is a widely used biometric technology which is designed to make more accurate and reliable authentication.


    Authentication of a user by recognizing feature information of the dynamic signature act process (signature time, stroke order, number of strokes, number of inflection points, shape pattern, velocity pattern).

  • Security


    Security of authentication information storing and authentication process



    Trust Zone is a small security area of a mobile which is the ideal storage location for security because it is impossible to move or extract stored data.

    One-time Session Chain


    One-time Session Chain prevents any fraudulent use of authentication.



    Tokenization is a technology that substitutes a sensitive data element with a non-sensitive equivalent that has no extrinsic value.